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About How was this page made? Slider Revolutions flexibility at its best. Build content blocks Everything, even the menu on this page, was created with Slider Revolution! Building site content with our powerful visual editor is intuitive, fast, needs no CSS & coding knowledge and is added to any WordPress page, anywhere, with a simple shortcode. Add effects Apart from the user friendliness, Slider Revolutions visual editor can also enhance your content with unique animations and stunning parallax effects you would normally have to hire a front-end developer for. More on Slider Revolution Watch a cool video tutorial. Brought to you by NYC Tech Club. "You will become a Pro! with the Slider Revolution plugin for WordPress after watching this video." Go back Watch video

Build for creativity. Perfectly responsive Traditional website themes rely on complicated CSS changes if you want to configure your sites responsiveness perfectly. Slider Revolution offers 100% control over the position of any element on each device size. Typography Looking to use any of the hundreds of available google fonts? No, problem! Just choose the font from a list and Slider Revolution will load just the needed additional font files. Save time Choosing from a huge library of pre-made templates, you can setup your website without building everything from scratch. Pick the designs you like, change the content and you're done!

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SEO Ready With slide content that is fully indexed by search engines there is no reason not to use Slider Revolution for your content. Markup tags can also be defined for layers. Speedy loading times Good looks aren’t everything, so we made sure that Slider Revolution also loads lightning fast! The loaded core file size automatically scales with the used features. Premium Content In addition to tons of slider templates we also offer free add-ons to further improve the possibilities of Slider Revolution.